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Sound Machine Sleep Sounds

Sleep Better. Live Better

Daily Verse KJV

Animated Verse of the Day with Today's Proverb and Psalm.

Bug Wild

Bugs are taking over! How many can squish before they get away?

Rocker Ship Explorer

Explore the Cosmos with Rocket Ship Explorer. Collect as many stars as you can while avoiding asteroids, satellites and mine fields.

Info Wars News

There is a war on for your mind! With Info Wars News, get the latest breaking news from Info Wars right on your iOS Device.

Tile Games Deluxe

Enjoy Tile Games? Look no further. Tile Games Deluxe has 4 exciting Tile based Games for you to Enjoy!

D Report

The fastest way to read the latest headlines from Drudge Report.

Lucky Slots Double Payout

Daily Double Payouts, Superior Spin Animation, makes Lucky Slots Double Payout a Must have App for Casino lovers.

Shuffle And

Web development, Paypal integration

St. Augustine Cast

Web development and design; custom backend to manage content on website

Revolution Before

Web development and design; Wordpress implementation

Jasper Ecotech

Web development and design

Web development and design; custom backend; custom youtube integration


Web development

Studies in the

Web development and design; custom backend to manage site

Web development and design